The Importance of Washing Under a Vehicle

Importance of washing under a vehicle

The Importance of Washing Under a Vehicle

When you think of washing your automobile, we guarantee the only thing that comes to mind is scrubbing the exterior of your vehicle, much like our customers that come to Wash and Wax. If you do, there is nothing odd with that because it is necessary, but we want to raise awareness about the importance of cleaning your vehicle’s underside. Most at-home washes and self-service car washes overlook the underside since you can’t get below your car for a thorough clean.


The undercarriage of a vehicle protects various vital components, including the back and front axles, brake pads, silencer, exhaust systems, front mount, and gearbox. When traveling through varied road conditions and weather, these sections are exposed to dirt, stones, gravel, ice, and salt. However, when it comes to cleaning, the underside is one of the most neglected automobile sections. Knowing how various road factors may influence the components situated underneath your vehicle will enable you to understand why vehicle undercarriage cleaning is just as essential as cleaning the surface of your car. Here, let us tell you about some of the significant reasons why it is critical to wash under your vehicle. 

  • It washes off road salt and saves your vehicle from corrosion.


Salt is often poured on roads that are covered with ice and snow. It lowers the freezing temperature of the water, causing ice to melt faster and reducing ice buildup in the area. While salt tends to keep roads safe throughout the winter, it can be highly damaging to the underbody of a car if not cleaned immediately. The salt does not dissolve with the ice. It remains and draws additional water, allowing the oxidation reaction to proceed. If salt adheres to your car’s metallic materials, it will attract moisture and create the same oxidation process, this time together with the metal, leading it to corrode and rust. It is critical to give your vehicle a full undercarriage wash to prevent corrosion.

  • It prevents drainage problems.


Drainage holes in the undercarriage can get jammed when debris, grease, and grime accumulate. This blockage will retain water that has accumulated in your automobile during wet seasons, causing corrosion. Keeping the undercarriage clean helps to unclog the holes and lets water drain more quickly.

  • It saves you a lot of money.


Metallic undercarriage elements, such as fuel tanks, automobile frames, and mufflers, are prone to weathering and corrosion. Failure to maintain your vehicle’s undercarriage may allow dirt, filth, grease, salt, and other hazardous chemicals to collect, causing permanent damage. Regular undercarriage cleaning will save you money on replacing broken parts. When it comes to pricey auto parts, prevention is far superior to treatment.

  • It makes your vehicle more durable and safer to drive.


Research revealed that corrosion and leaking were the causes of brake line failures in Northeast America. In an accident, an already weakened structure will have far-reaching consequences for the car and its occupants. Regular undercarriage service will allow for continual monitoring of the functioning of the components under the vehicle, ensuring that the car can be used securely.

  • It prevents your car from overheating.


The engine and gearbox of an automobile cool down by allowing heat to escape via the underside. The vehicle retains its usual temperature as a result of this procedure. When the undercarriage is clogged with dirt and dust, the heat may not be dispersed as well, which can cause severe overheating and damage the internal parts of your vehicle.


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The vehicle’s underside may not be as apparent or appealing as the car’s exterior, but it needs the same level of cleaning, preservation, and maintenance. It houses components of the vehicle that are critical to its overall functioning. So, the next time you get your automobile for scrubbing, be sure to include the underside. Investing in good automobile maintenance is considerably superior and significantly less expensive than replacing permanently damaged parts. Contact us today to schedule your net car wash with us and get the best car washing service available.